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What is Fluffy?

A friend or co-worker sent you a file that needs a special software to open, but you haven't it. And now you have to go to web, find a free utility, download it, install... and then your computer will take one more program that will be used once or twice during this year.

Fluffy is a free opensource software that is able to open several the most popular formats. Do not look for free programs and install them for each format separately. Install Fluffy and enjoy!


Here's the latest available release: Fluffy


Here's a list of supported formats:
Document type Extension Viewer Editor
Archive files .7z, .XZ, .BZIP2, .GZIP, .TAR, .ZIP, .WIM, .ARJ, .CAB, .CHM, .CPIO, .CramFS, .DEB, .DMG, .FAT, .HFS, .ISO, .LZH, .LZMA, .MBR, .MSI, .NSIS, .NTFS, .RAR, .RPM, .SquashFS, .UDF, .VHD, .WIM, .XAR, .Z yes no
Torrent files .torrent yes no
Text files .txt, .ini, .xml and other yes yes

Please check the Documentation for details.

How can I help this project?

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  • If you know about some bug or you may propose a cool feature create an issue on Issues tab
  • Join our team to make the project better
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